Taliban, I Have A Message For You. Marzia Babakarkhail Talks About Her Time In Afghanistan.

Taking to the stage with her interviewer, Northern Power Women Founder Simone Roche, Marzia told her story; from her time in Afghanistan, to the work she does around women’s rights now. However, Marzia’s #NPWLive interview had a deeper message for women across the globe.

[Taliban] can force me out of my country, but they cannot force me to change my mind. I believe I can achieve and fight injustice all my life.

As her story continued, it was clear that Marzia had accomplished far more than setting up a foundation in Afghanistan, which in itself is mesmerising. Marzia had begun changing the way people saw aggression. Instead of focusing on the bad, Marzia believed in focusing on yourself.

I’m a human. My voice is very important to me.

Coming to the UK as a refugee, Marzia hopes to improve her spoken language and then return to Afghanistan to help as many struggling women as she can. In the meantime, she continues to spread her message of hope.
To end her talk, Marzia had a message for the world, particularly the brave women in Afghanistan.

[Women in Afghanistan] You are not alone. Together we are strong. Do not feel alone. Keep doing the same thing you do and fight for your rights. Never stop.

[To the World] We need to be strong. Keep supporting each other. Keep shining.

As Marzia sat there, speaking with a softness that endeared everyone in the room, the audience was struck by this powerful woman and her beautiful story. Not only did Marzia receive a standing ovation, she received the hearts of everyone in the room.

Written by @AbedinCG for @NorthPowerWomen, #NPWLive.

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