The Ambition Accelerator - Kindle and e-book launch

Northern Power Women are thrilled to announce the kindle and e-book release of Sophie Milliken’s new book, The Ambition Accelerator. Subtitled ‘the working woman’s guide to powering up your professional success’, Sophie’s second book aims to equip young women with a concrete plan to achieve their career goals, regardless of what sector they’re in. 


Proceeds from the e-book and kindle launch will be donated to Smart Works, who provide unemployed women with high quality clothing and coaching for upcoming job interviews. Smart Works helps them to feel confident, look fabulous, succeed at their job interview and move on with their life. Sophie has recently been appointed Chair of the Newcastle Smart Works branch, and is incredibly proud to be working with such an amazing charity. Sophie spoke of the vital work that they do, “supporting unemployed women to get back into work by boosting their confidence through dressing them really well, giving them a styling session, and they also get job coaching to help them through the process. Then once they secure a job they get a second dressing and get enough outfits to see them through to pay day […] It’s about getting people into work, and supporting women”. 


Sophie’s inspiration for writing The Ambition Accelerator came after she gave a TedX talk at the Birmingham Royal Conservatoire in March of last year, titled The Truth Behind the Show Reel. In the talk, Sophie spoke of her own personal journey to success, and the importance of not comparing your own achievements to what others choose to present to the outside world; their own showreel. After delivering an authentic and engaging account of her experiences with success and failures, Sophie reflected on how “it would be nice to write a bit more about that story”. A few weeks later, the world was turned upside down as we were plunged into our first national lockdown. Sophie spoke of how, during this time, “I had a few weeks where I just couldn’t sleep. I would wake up in the morning feeling really agitated and just wondering what I was going to do”. Wanting to focus this agitation, Sophie decided to write the backstory behind her TedX, and began writing The Ambition Accelerator. 


As she began writing, it became clear to Sophie that this book needed to be aimed towards a younger female audience, due to her background as a graduate recruitment director. “It’s a natural audience for me […] I work with young people in general when I work with students and graduates, so I’m quite comfortable with that as an audience. I also do a lot of work with women, I’ve done a lot of work for Northern Power Women since I met Simone Roche. I’ve always been really into supporting and helping women, because I think it’s important and it’s something that means a lot to me, and this kind of thing was missing when I was looking for it”. 


An avid reader, Sophie spoke of what she considered to be a gap in the literary market. “Whenever I’d read business books, or books from other women that I found inspiring, most of the time weren’t always relatable and didn’t offer much advice. Then sometimes you get books that are all about advice and self-help, but the people that have written them are maybe a bit fluffy and haven’t got the evidence of actually having been there and done that themselves”. Determined to fill her book with as many personal experiences as possible, Sophie started thinking how great it would be to include stories from other women, and began approaching women from various sectors for their insights into career success. Throughout each chapter of the book, Sophie has included pearls of wisdom and advice from people like Sara Davies MBE, Margaret Casely-Hayford CBE, Ayesha Nayyar and Jacqueline de Rojas CBE to name a few. After conducting interviews with these women, each one overflowing with practical advice that Sophie knew she had to share, The Ambition Accelerator will be accompanied by a podcast series. Launching on the 10th of March with episodes going live every week, each episode features Sophie’s interview with one of these incredible women and will be available to download on apple podcasts, stitcher, spotify, or wherever you like to listen. 


The book itself has a clear and digestible structure. Starting off with a glowing fore-word from Northern Power Women’s founder and CEO, Simone Roche MBE, Sophie then introduces the book, talking about her experiences of walking onto the red TedX spot, and giving recommendations on how to best use her book. The book is then split into 5 sections: 

  • My Story – Lessons I’ve learned 
  • Lifestyle 
  • Building your network 
  • Harnessing your potential 
  • Final thoughts

Each section is backed up by theory and insights from industry professionals, and is rounded off with a take action point: a task for readers to complete to accelerate their ambition and take a step closer to their goals. Sophie’s aim is that “if someone picked up that book, whether they wanted to progress through a corporate career or set their own business up, as long as they’ve got some sort of ambition career wise, I hope that they’ll pick The Ambition Accelerator up and think that it’s really encouraging and full of practical advice, with some takeaway advice that they can then go and action and power up their careers”


The Ambition Accelerator is now available to buy from all your favourite book-retailers, and is now ready to download on e-book and kindle devices! 

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