Reflections from Simone Roche MBE

The Good Business Festival 'Change Business for Good' event: one week on

Nearly a week on from The Good Business Festival Change Business for Good event, I am still absolutely buzzing. Even though the last year has shown us how much of our lives can be replicated on digital platforms, nothing quite beats the power of coming together, face to face, and having purposeful, in person conversations. 


As one of the pilot live events happening throughout the country, I felt so honoured to have been a part of this landmark event, as the pilot highlighted the booming events industry that Liverpool has to offer. I was also incredibly proud to have been asked to contribute to the onstage discussions taking place at the event. Hosted by the amazing Tanya Beckett, Paul Mason, Jeremy Schwartz and I tackled the issues around creating better business for good. As I sat in the green room waiting to go on stage, every time the door swung open we were blasted with the chatter, laughter and energy of the attendees outside; a sound I have definitely missed over the last year! 


Both on stage and off, it felt great to be a part of the conversations that were happening at the event. As soon as I walked through the doors I was immediately struck by the electric atmosphere and the adrenaline pulsing through the venue. As much as we’ve been disconnected over the last year, there was something really magic about seeing the power of coming together, the power of a smile, the power of closeness and the power of purposeful conversation. Loads of our Northern Power Women Liverpool Power Circle also attended the event, and seeing the benefits of the peer networking and support this power circle has enjoyed really reaffirmed the importance of the work we do, and our mission to connect, inspire, uplift and empower. 


It wasn’t just our peer support networks I saw manifested last week. Throughout the event I saw other key elements of the Northern Power Women agenda being punctuated by in person connections and decisive actions. We’ve been particularly committed to amplifying voices, giving people a platform and a stage, and we’ve recently created our very own Be Heard portal aimed at encouraging better representation in the media and at events. This Good Business Festival event was a collection of incredible voices sharing their unique perspectives and stories, and an affirmation of why our new platform is so important. 


We’ve also been working closely with the Youthquake programme supported by The Learning Foundry over the last few months. In our work with the programme we’ve been working with young people in the Liverpool City Region and helping them come up with community led projects to help solve local issues. We had two of the groups featured on the Northern Power Futures Podcast, talking about their experiences on the programme. To see two of the Youthquake learners, Jamie-Leigh and Charlotte on the panel and quite literally BEING HEARD was amazing. 

All the reflecting we’ve done over the last year, all the intentional actions we’ve made to promote better representation, purpose-led partnerships, and lifting up the voices of young people; this was at the very heart of last week’s Good Business Festival event. It was just total and utter magic, and we can’t wait for the 3-day Festival happening in July!

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