It’s Time To Reinvent The Workplace. Charlotte Sweeny Talks About How.

Driven by change, passionate about fairness and the creation of inclusiveness, Charlotte Sweeney OBE is ranked in the global Top 50 of D&I Professionals.

A leader in her field, Charlotte took to the #NPWLive stage to reinvent an environment that has needed change for far too long; the workplace.

An inclusive workplace focuses on:
Community, rather than culture. People, not the process. We, not me.

Building inclusivity in the workplace is essential. Charlotte focused on the idea of building a community within companies, something which the North is seemingly far better off doing than anywhere else.

Are we really creating communities now, in this selfie-obsessed culture?

It is becoming increasingly harder to avoid the individual mentality that is growing within our societies. However, Charlotte is leading the call for this to rightfully change.

#NPWLive is a place where ideas are shared, campaigns are built, and mentalities are shifted. Charlotte garnered a response that will hopefully see businesses in the North lead the way to reinventing the workplace.

A business leader, and a leader of the North: Charlotte Sweeney OBE.

Written by @AbedinCG for @NorthPowerWomen, #NPWLive.

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