A True Definition Of Selflessness

A duo that has proven magic is real. Masters of visual creativity, Zita Luiten and Edo Landwehr have turned their dynamism towards issues that the world has so easily dismissed. As activists, they travelled to Lebanon in an effort to pursue true storytelling; stories that bring about genuine change.

Lebanon is beautiful. The people, the culture, the land. However, crises on this incredible countries borders has caused chaos and disarray.

1 million Syrian refugees have sought safety in Lebanon. Economically they are suffering with it being illegal for them work in the traditional manner. Instead, a lot of them are on $2 day.
Once the conflict ends, they are expected to leave. So it is a temporary home… but is that really a home?

It was clear from the audiences silence how harrowing it was to hear the truth of the refugee crisis. However, Zita and Edo told a story that humbled everyone at #NPWLive.

A 26 year old had lost complete hope for herself, as she thought herself to be already dead. However, she did everything for her daughter, as her daughter had a future she did not.
All she wanted in life was for her daughter to have a better life.

Sitting here listening to this short insight into a woman’s life in complete awe, one thing became strikingly clear: selflessness has never been more well defined.

Hope is one of the strongest emotions. Hope has set into motion many things. We might not always need hope, but these people do.

Lebanon, Syria, Turkey— I and many of the audience here will never be able to comprehend the bravery that is needed to survive in this climate. But the selflessness of these families will forever inspire hope within our hearts.

Written by @AbedinCG for @NorthPowerWomen, #NPWLive.

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