Vodafone Leader Calls for Cultural Change.

Leading Vodafone’s Northern Powerhouse ambitions is no small task. However, when Rob Mukherjee took to the helm, Vodafone’s impact leaped forwards, with Rob being at the forefront of enhancing the future of the North.

Rob came to #NPWLive with a simple message about Unpaid Parental Leave.

Now I’m no expert, I’m not a researcher and I don’t come armed with statistics in support of my case. I come with the experiences and observations of a husband, a father and a working man…
We need a cultural revolution.

Unpaid Parental Leave is a basic entitlement for all parents to take up to 4-weeks leave per-year/ per-child, as long as they have been with the employer for over a year. So, why don’t more parents take this? Rob identified four reasons (and excuses).

‘I don’t know about Unpaid Parental Leave’. When I explain, it’s a great feeling when I see the penny drop […] and I see the realisation of life’s possibilities start to open up in their minds.
‘I can’t afford it’. For many, money really is the issue. However, for others, it’s simply ‘I don’t want to earn less money’. Do you think your child feels more loved when mummy and daddy bring home a decent salary, or when mummy and daddy are playing with them, cuddling them, talking to them and teaching them new things?

‘I can’t afford the time off work’. Well, I’m sorry, I simply don’t buy it. Whenever I take parental leave, I get the odd friend asking ‘how can the business run without you?.’ I’d like to think that any business leader who is smart enough to run a business, is smart enough to ensure that business can keep running in their absence for a few weeks.

‘I’m worried what people would think’. Is that what society has become?! That we have to fight and justify to be great parents to our kids? That’s not a society I want to be part of, and it’s not a society that I want my children growing up in.

What the last three points highlight is a gaping flaw within our society, a problem that Rob is trying to fix. He opened the eyes of so many in the audience at #NPWLive, so why don’t you join him and spend those precious extra weeks with your children.

We have a lifetime of work, but our children are only young once.
Find out more about ‘Unpaid Parental Leave’ here: www.gov.uk/parental-leave/overview.

Written by @AbedinCG for @NorthPowerWomen, #NPWLive.

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