We are global citizens. Think big, think global, and fly.

A writer and speaker, Sara Knowles is one extraordinary woman. Walking onto the #NPWLive stage, Sara’s introduction says everything you need to know about her…

I am a Northern woman with a global soul.

Above all else, Sara is an International Trade Advisor, involving herself in exporting, marketing, languages and culture. Coming to #NPWLive, Sara wanted to emphasise the importance of language and cultural knowledge to allow for economic growth, inclusive growth and social cohesion.

Develop your own cultural knowledge and spread your wings.

An expert in her field, Sara’s global knowledge was mesmerising. For employers, employees, students — Sara’s advice saw everyone more aware of the importance of a global trade.
We should think differently about languages and encourage our kids to learn to them to flourish as global citizens.

Developing our cultural fluency will allow us to fulfill our potential in life, business, and community. Sara promoted international cohesion through her vision of more exporting and cultural relationships, with her advice coming from her want for us to all become global citizens.
Think big, think global, and fly.

Sara’s passion for international trade was clear. However, her care for developing a more cultural cohesive world is unique. Lessons on respecting language and building a global community are learnings that will make everyone in the audience better people.

Written by @AbedinCG for @NorthPowerWomen, #NPWLive.

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