Why does your voice matter? Kate Willoughby’s Key Message: Self Worth

Kate Willoughby personifies all that is great with the North. A proud Yorkshire-woman, Kate advocates for equality and voting, with a strong focus on the Suffragettes. Alongside her campaigning, she is also dedicated to her acting and writing.

If that introduction was not impressive enough, when Kate took the #NPWLive stage, she began a talk that enlightened the entire audience to the power that they have as voices and voters.
Your whole life is in your voice.

Educating the current generation on the 100-year journey women’s rights has taken is paramount to showing them just how important fighting for gender equality is. Kate not only educated — she empowered.

If things aren’t going right now, we can draw strength from women across the globe.
Keep pushing until women and men are equal.

It was clear from Kate’s words how passionate she was to furthering her key message: self-worth. What Kate implanted within the minds of every woman in that audience is how strong they can and must be. Together, they will be the wave of change.

Your voice matters.

You can join Kate in her efforts to spread the importance of voting, whilst achieving gender equality, through her campaign, #EmilyMatters.

Written by @AbedinCG for @NorthPowerWomen, #NPWLive.

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