You Are Never Alone by Minhaz Abedin

Living with a disability can be hard, and Shamila Akhtar understands that as much as anyone. Despite these hardships, when Shamila started her talk in the last session of #NPWLive, she began with an attitude that earned the instant respect of everyone in the room.

Disability can take many forms, seen and unseen. And how people behave towards you, the looks they give you, it all matters.

Coming to #NPWLive, Shamila wanted to show people who live with disabilities that they are not alone. With a heartfelt message, Shamila successfully spread her message and ethos to hundreds of people who will now be attentively following her work.

How I try to push past my disability is by helping others overcome theirs.

Throughout her talk, it was mesmerising to hear Shamila’s story. It was clear from the outset how impressive Shamila was, but her presence on stage allowed for a true display of how powerful of a lady she is.

I find peace and relaxation through prayer.

Despite her incredible bravery and passion, Shamila remained humble in her work, accrediting her constant perseverance to her time spent praying. Shamila is without a doubt the perfect example of a #WonderWoman.